About me

Hi! I’m Lissa –
Teacher, researcher, theorist, mother, woman…

I live in Cobourg, ON – minutes from this scene.

Officially I am

  • Independent Scholar in Curriculum Studies
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Werklund School of Education, Calgary, AB
  • School Consultant in Teaching and Learning (Current Project: K–9 Math)

I grew up as an Ontario gal. After high school at École Secondaire Thériault (Timmins), I attended Waterloo for my BSc and then moved to Alberta for a BEd and 25 years a school-teacher. With sons raised, I then turned to grad school to find answers to questions about why things were the way they were in teaching and learning.

My MEd in Lethbridge focused on the public understanding of science, critical thinking, and why we believe what we believe. The PhD (UBC) dug into sense-making as essentially a creative act and anxiety as its nemesis. As Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary, I directed research projects – first in early mathematics learning and then in the interplay between the familial and educational experiences of middle school teachers’ and their identities with respect to teaching, including especially the teaching preferences that in turn shaped their relationships with students and curriculum.

I retired from UCalgary in December 2017 to better focus on writing, to see what I might accomplish as an independent scholar, and to live closer to my sons and grandchildren who settled in Ontario and Nova Scotia.

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